Edutel Refrigeration Services!

Our Industry

Edutel deals with: selling & distributing, design & installation, maintanance and repair of all types of refrigeration machines, cold rooms, ice makers, kitchen appliances, meat counters, air conditioners, car air conditioners, truck chillers and display chillers for both comercial and industrial use.
Air Conditioning

For installation, maimtanance and repair.

We also offer car airconditioning services. This includes refilling and maintanance.


Installation, maimtanance and repair of: fridges, chiller trucks, freezers, ice maker machines

Kitchen Appliances

Both domestic and comercial fridges repair mantance or installation, cookers, washing machines, microwaves, etc.

Cold Rooms

For designing, installation and repair services. We got your storage solution.

Technology Consulting

We advice on the best technology and appliances for reliable and durable usage.


Designing, branding and customizing dispensing ATMs. New ones at affordable price.

Our Services

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