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Our Industry

We help organisations work smarter and grow faster. Reach out to us to build effective organisations, reduce costs, manage risk and increase durability.
Air Conditioning

For new, installation and repair services

Cold Room

For designing, installation and repair services. Let us help you get the best solution for your storage

Kitchen Appliances

For new, repair and mantainance of fridges, cookers, washing machines, microwaves, etc

Chiller Trucks

We turn that normal truck into a viable business. We design, install, repair and brand chiller trucks. We care about the safety of your goods in transit. Receive your goods fresh and healthy.

Butchery Equipment

We manufacture, repair and service meat counters and freezers

Car Air Conditioning

We offer gas refilling and maintanance of car air conditioners. We got you sorted. Our experts are just a call away

Ice Makers

We sell quality ice maker machines at affordable prices. Nothing soothes like a cold drink.


We sell dispensing ATMs at affordable prices. We also design, brand and customize to meet your required preferences. Water, Oil and Milk ATMs available

Display Chillers

We design, brand, repair and service display chillers. We care about the look of your business

Ice Blocks Machines

We design Ice Block MAchines according to clients specifications. The ice blocks are ideal for fish, meat and juices. Our prices are favourable to young investors. We also have one year warranty and free delivery within town.

We advise you, you call the right decision!

We give and implement the best solutions for guaranteed reliability and efficiecy. Dont be stressed. We are just a call away.
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